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About Us


At Invest Plus Realty, we envision a community that is as diverse as it is prosperous; and a prosperous community is only as flourishing as the individuals that comprise it. With this philosophy in mind, we pride ourselves on one thing: building relationships; a principle that lies at the core of everything we do.

We see ourselves as more than real estate agents, but rather as agents of personal growth. Whether it be a buyer, seller, renter, investor or business that we have the privilege of serving, it is ultimately an individual that sits before us; an individual looking to do what has been so ingrained within us to do; to grow, to expand, to advance their horizons, to thrive. And it is our prerogative at Invest Plus Realty, to harness all of our collective talents, knowledge and intimate experience, with the intention of empowering our clients to achieve this growth, their growth.